How To Set Up Narratives for Tableau

The Narratives for Tableau extension is available for Tableau Desktop and Server version 2018.2. You will need to download this version of Tableau to access our extension. 


The Narratives for Tableau extension is downloaded as a .trex file.  You will receive this file from your Narrative Science Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative. If you do not have one, please contact us at We recommend that you save this extension on your Desktop in a folder for easy access since you will need it each time you create a new dashboard.


To use your extensions, open or create a dashboard in Tableau, and find the “Extensions” icon in the left-hand side of your screen.  Drag this object onto your dashboard into the desired location. This action will open a dialog box prompting you to choose your extension.   



Click “Choose,” and navigate to the “Extensions” folder where you moved your .trex file. Select the .trex file and click “Open.” This will launch the Narrative extension in your dashboard.

To learn more about setting up your narratives, visit: Narrative Set Up


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