Quick Start Guide

This guide is aimed at getting you up to speed on all the features and functionality of Narratives for Tableau. It will contain links to articles or videos within our help center.


I've just downloaded Narratives for Tableau from your website and I want to start using it.


Start by reading our installation instructions and Tableau's system requirements.



I've installed the extension. I want to start generating narratives.


Start by watching this video to understand how narrative and dashboards work together and then how to build your first narrative.

To learn which story type is best for your dashboard, read about our Discrete, Continuous, Percent of Whole and Scatterplot analysis. 



I want to customize my narrative. 


We have a wide variety of content that will help you adjust your narrative. We recommend that you start at how to customize your narratives.

Then proceed to the following videos to get familiar with the settings toolbar: languagecharacterizationsanalytics and display.



I can't find what I need on the support site and have a question, issue or product request. Submit a ticket to one of the following areas: 


Submit a Technical Issue or Bug

Submit Product Feedback

Submit a General Question

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