Installation Overview

Thanks for your interest in Quill Extensions. This document will walk you through the entire Quill Extension on-premises deployment process including the prerequisites, environment setup, installation of the Quill API and licensing agent, and troubleshooting/monitoring of the installation.

Please contact Narrative Science if you have any questions or if the recommendations listed will not work for your organization as we will work with you to come up with a deployment method that suits your requirements.

Quill Extension is an extension that helps explain dashboards as written stories - no configuration needed. The stories adjust as analysts explore the data, empowering them to identify and communicate key insights faster.

When you install Quill Extension on-premise, you will:

  1. Install a Quill API and licensing agent on your server
  2. Create a .trex file (the extension which interfaces with this installation of Quill Extension)

This Quill API will be used by your extension in order to generate narratives for your dashboards. Data will be passed to the Quill API, and it will return narratives to your extension.

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