Updating your Quill Extensions API

To install application updates from Narrative Science (new features, bug fixes, patch updates, etc.), you will first receive a new installer file from Narrative Science with updates to the application code. 

You must then perform these steps on each node where you have installed the service:

  1. Navigate to the directory where you previously installed the services
  2. Just in case, make a backup of your existing config.ymfile (it won't get overwritten, but better safe than sorry! The config file has a lot of important information in it that you or your team has already invested time into getting right)
  3. Download tarball onto target node (in the same directory where the previous install occurred)
  4. Untar the tarball:
    1. tar xvf <tarball-file>
  5. Stop services:
    1. sudo ./inbi stop
  6. Install new updates (this will use the configurations from your existing config.yml file:
    1. sudo ./inbi install
  7. Start services again:
    1. sudo ./inbi start
  8. Wait about 90 seconds for all services to start up
  9. Curl healthcheck endpoint after 90 seconds, to ensure services are up and running:
    1. curl -k https://localhost
    2. If successful you should see a small snippet of JSON that looks like this: {"name":"viz-server","version":"1.0.120"}
    3. If you see anything else, check the status of the services to see if any are reporting as unhealthy:
      1. sudo ./inbi status
  10. Any extensions that end-users have embedded in dashboards should now work! When they newly refresh their dashboards (with narratives), the updated code will be pulled from the server(s) you've updated on.

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