Narrative Interactivity

One of the useful features of the Narratives for Qlik extension is its responsiveness to your actions within QlikSense. The narrative will change as you make selections within the worksheet. To demonstrate this, we will exit the ‘edit mode’ of the worksheet and move to a ‘publish mode’ by clicking the ‘done’ button.


In the narrative about the line chart, we see a reference to where the largest decrease took place.


If we select a series of dates to focus on (in this example, from Aug-06-Oct-07), we’ll notice that our narrative has changed. The largest decrease now occurs at a different point.


We can show this interactivity in another way. If we have multiple visualizations on the page and multiple narratives, both narratives will adjust to selections you make across visualizations.

Let’s now add a second chart to our example. We will add a pie chart that breaks down revenue by Product Group. Once again, we’ll notice where the largest decrease occurs, and we will also see which entity makes up the largest percentage of revenue.


If we add a selection to the line chart to just focus on that time period where the largest decrease occurred, we’ll notice the pie chart changes along with the narratives accompanying both the line chart and pie chart. Now, the story shows a different ‘top entity’

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