Narratives for Qlik March 2016 Release Notes

The Narratives for Qlik Team is pleased to announce the release of Narratives for Qlik 1.1. Please read through  the release notes below for explanations on new features and functionality.

1. Enhanced Analytics to provide greater insight. Narratives now include the following:

For continuous series analysis:

  • Identifying interesting segments within a series: Describe to a user spans where the general trend is consistent
  • Identifying positive and negative jumps within a series: Describe to a user a set of periods where a series moved up or down to a new level and remained there

For entity distribution analysis:

  • Identifying interesting clusters of entities with similar values
  • Classifying the distribution of entities as normal

2. Additional user-defined settings within the modal window to enhance story logic and context:

  • Percentage Values: When a user formats a measure in Qlik as a ‘Percentage’, the narrative adjusts both value formatting and content to produce the most logical narrative
  • Specifying continuous or non-continuous (discrete) dimensions: In the narrative settings menu, users can characterize dimension values to adjust narratives
  • Characterization of larger values: In the narrative settings menu, users can tailor their narratives by specifying if larger measure values are considered good, bad, or neutral
  • Aggregations: Users can input the type of aggregation they performed on a measure in the narrative settings menu to tailor their narratives

3. Additional chart type: Users can now generate narratives about combo charts

4. Support for linked charts: Users can now generate a narrative about a chart that may be linked to a visualization on the same or different sheet

5. Product help and support:

  • The ‘Narrative’ chart object now contains a direct link to the Narratives for Qlik support page
  • Users will be automatically notified within their worksheet upon loading the extension following a new version release

6. Compatibility with Qlik Sense 2.2 for both server and desktop

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