Narratives for Qlik 1.6 Release Notes

N4Q 1.6 Features:

1. Remove and Re-order content - Once a narrative has been configured, individual sentences can be removed and re-ordered according to preferences and entire sections can be removed.

  • Turn off individual sentences or bullets
  • Re-order individual sentences or bullets
  • Turn off entire sections

2. Current vs. Previous Relationship Type in Continuous Narratives - Users can now analyze measures where one represents the previous value of the other in continuous narratives:

3. Apply multiple relationships in a single narrative - In both continuous and discrete narratives, users can apply both ‘actual vs. benchmark’ and ‘current vs. previous’ relationships.

  • Additional measures without a relationship will also be analyzed

4. Comparison of overlapping portions of series containing null or missing values - For multi-dimension line charts where portions of one or more series are incomplete, the narrative will now focus on the overlapping portions of the series for comparison.

  • Each individual series will be analyzed across the periods for which it has data

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