Narratives for Qlik 1.7 Release Notes

1. Independent Narratives - Narratives can now be connected to any visualization containing measures and dimensions or can be created by manually adding measures and dimensions.

a. Eliminates the need for a native Qlik Sense visualization to generate narratives

b. Allows users to generate narratives on a worksheet without accompanying visualizations

  2. Custom dimension labels for each level of a drilldown dimension - When utilizing Qlik Sense’s popular ‘Drilldown Dimensions’, users can apply a custom singular/plural dimension label for each level of the drilldown hierarchy

a. Narratives automatically recognizes how many levels in a drilldown and provides label inputs for each level in the ‘Language’ tab of narrative settings

 3. Custom measure formatting - Use the Qlik value formatting options to customize the narrative output:

a. Thousands separators

b. Decimal separators

c. Rounding places

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