3.0: OPTIONAL - Generate an "install readiness" readout for each server

This step is optional – it's an extra safeguard to ensure that your server is ready for installation.

Narrative Science has a simple "preinstall" Python script you can run on each server, which will generate a .txt file that explains the state of the machine. Please examine the resulting .txt file to validate the status of your machine, and to see if there are any remaining steps necessary for a smooth installation.

If you are interested in running this file, please contact us at customer-support@narrativescience.com and we can send you the latest version.

Here is a sample of what the preinstall script generates: 

Date: 2019-09-05
Time: 18:18:47 GMT
NS Product: Qlik Extension

OS: CentOS Linux
OS Version: 7 (Core)

Free space in current working directory: **27G**.
NOTE: You should have at least 5G free space here.
Free space in '/var' directory: **47G**.
NOTE: You should have at least 20G free space here.
Number of cores: 2

Current working directory: /home/vagrant
Current user: vagrant
User 'vagrant' has the following sudo privileges:

Cert: /home/vagrant/certificate.crt
Key: /home/vagrant/privateKey.key

Expires on: Aug 7 15:13:45 2020 GMT
This cert is SELF-SIGNED, remember to work with your networking team during install to establish a chain of trust from this server to the end user's browser.

Common Name: localhost
NOTE: this Common Name must match the viz_url parameter in the config file.

Good news! The SSL certificate modulus and the private key modulus match.

OPTIONAL: if you'd like to check your server's SSL certificate to ensure it's fully trusted prior to install, please proceed to this step: 3.1: OPTIONAL - Check SSL certificate's readiness for each server 

Otherwise, proceed to this step: 4.0: Install the software!

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