Continuous Story

With a continuous story type, a user is trying to observe trends or progress over a certain period of time.


The narrative analysis adds performance, segments, volatility, and trendline content. Contribution analysis and correlation for multi-dimension narratives.


Below are examples for how the narrative changes with 1D/1M, 2D/1M and 1M/2D. 






Narratives for Power BI has support for the following scenarios of continuous analysis:

  • Single dimension with between one and 10 measures
  • Two dimensions and one measure

The below is an example of a single dimension-single measure line chart. In this case, sales by month:


The below is an example of a single-dimension and multiple-measure line chart. Here we have sales and several other metrics by month.


The below is an example of a line chart with two dimensions and one measure. In this case we are looking at sales by month broken down by region.



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